about mindy

My name is Mindy. I was born and raised in small town Wisconsin. After meeting my future husband in college we moved to Minneapolis, where we live with our two beautiful boys.

Fashion has always been an interest of mine. After the birth of our first child, Oliver, I began working part time at a luxury retailer which reignited my love affair with fashion. Once that came to an end I began freelance styling.  I quickly realized I needed my own personal outlet, which has developed in to this blog.

I’m so blessed to have a beautiful family that is completely supportive. My husband, Bryan, is a child at heart which makes for a crazy-fun household. When Bryan’s not working, it’s common to come home to a beautiful disaster of fort-making or some mad science project. He’s constantly making our boys laugh and those belly giggles are what make our world go ‘round.

Our boys, Oliver and Teddy, are three years apart. Oliver was born in January of 2012. He has the kindest heart and really is such a considerate soul. He's always telling everyone how much he loves them and it's the best.  Oliver adores his cousin Charlotte (according to Oliver “his girlfriend") and exploring all the types of dinosaurs. Teddy was born in February of 2015. This little guy has the best dimples and a contagious giggle.  Teddy follows his big brother around all day and there is nothing sweeter. 

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