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November 22, 2016

F&F Clothing

white button down + corduroy skirt: F&F @ Hyvee

Have you guys heard of F & F Fashion? Yeah, I hadn't either until recently in our suburb we had a Hyvee open.  

So, I went to the Hyvee to get both groceries and check out this whole F&F Fashion line. I was completely blown away. The selection was stellar! Think of an H&M esque boutique placed inside your local grocery store. I outfitted myself in the shown outfit for under $100! I mean really?! Can you believe it!? The white button down is a forever staple in my wardrobe and I'm always adding to that collection. This corduroy skirt is perfect for fall. I'm loving mixing my short skirts with tall boots this winter. It's such a chic way to wear summer staples in the Minnesota cold. I went on to get my boys, Oliver (4) and Teddy (1) some trendy items too.

Alright, I know shopping for clothes at the grocery store may seem a little strange, but I'm telling you the product is great and once you take the time to check them out your life will be forever changed. So, enter my giveaway to score your own $100 F&F giftcard to spend at your local Hyvee. All you have to do to enter is tag and friend on my giveaway post here.

Hyvee's are now open in:


Brooklyn Park



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